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Warning [Mar. 20th, 2012|11:59 pm]

To protect the identities of all friends and family, all names have been replaced with pseudonyms recognized by the author.

This journal is intended to serve as an outlet for explicit introspection revolving around the behavioural, cognitive, socio-cultural, and biological factors corresponding to a very severe eating disorder on a uniquely intimate level. Musings are derived from the perspective of an individual currently afflicted with Anorexia Nervosa. Entries are potentially triggering for those who are also affected, or are currently in recovery for this or similar disorders. Readers must caution themselves should they believe, for any reason, that they are not in the appropriate state of psychological health to bar against the graphic and suggestive nature of this journal. The ultimate objective is to provide an organic, firsthand representation of Anorexia Nervosa for the purposes of raising awareness in terms of research and education. Entries will intricately convey the day-to-day progressions and respective regressions for the number one cause of death among young women.

Viewer discretion is advised. Comment to be added.

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